Familier med
kræftramte børn

Kasper – the little Chemo-man (free of charge, but shipping costs)

The book (English version) is an educational and well-written little book about childhood cancer and its treatment. Used by educators and nurses in the presence of children with cancer. Also used by parents and other adults as a reading book. It can be difficult for children to understand what happens to them when they are affected by a cancerous disease. But that was what Helle Motzfeldt did when she wrote the book Kemo-man Kasper in 1991. In an easily understandable and educationally arranged language, she explains about the origin of the cancer cells, and how Kemo-Kasper with the help of good friends goes to fight against all the bad and mad cells. The explanations are understandable, visual and effective, and both the affected child and possibly healthy siblings achieve greater understanding in the treatment, and the sick child can thus mobilize some mental resources. Adults with cancer also use the book to explain their own minor children about the disease, treatments and side effects.

The book is free of charge. You pay DKK 75 shipping costs if you want us to send 1 book. For hospitals, schools, daycare centers etc.: contact the organisation Familier med kræftramte børn (Families  with cancer-affected children) if you want to receive more than one book at info@fmkb.dk.

75,00 kr.

Priser inkl. moms.

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